Journey Thru Grief
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Special Thanks!

On this page, I want to extend a special thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for those who have helped me, one way or another, whether it is thru my journey, my new growth, finding myself or their assistance in developing this website.

Judy Ebbe from Egogohan - Judy wrapped her loving arms around me and helped me to understand that our loved ones still live on, right along side of us. Judy hosts a chat twice a week at GriefAid, called "Spiritual Enlightenment", based on the writings of Emmanual Swedenborg.
{Link below)


Brenda Schmidt - Brenda has a wonderful website that I have found much comfort and understanding called GriefAid. Brenda also provides many opportunities for those who are grieving with her numerous chat room schedules. She is also a Reiki Master and wonderful teacher. Please join many of us at GriefAid Cafe as we heal thru our journey.
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Rev. Katina Jones - RevKat has blessed many of us with her gifts. She hosts a Metaphysical Grief Workshop weekly, called "Dancing Between Worlds" at GriefAid Cafe. Not only does she share her gifts as a spirit medium but she brings us messages of love and comfort from her own spirit guide and works with us to learn how we too, may dance between the world with our loved ones.
(Link to RevKat's Website)

Dancing Between Worlds

Shirley Telinda - known to me as "Magge". Magge has blessed my life with much understanding and comfort. Magge presented me with the following "Calling Card" as a gift, Christmas, 2000. Magge, bless your heart - it's very precious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Magge's Grandson, Josh's Memorial Page

A very, very special thank you for all my guests who have visited these pages. Not only have I been blessed to share my journey with you but I hope you have been able to find a moment of comfort here, too. Please come back from time to time as I continue to develop this site and share with you.

Blessings with Love and Light,

There are so many other people I need to thank for helping me on this journey. A special thanks, as always, goes to my mother for her support and love, my beloved husband for being by my side as we continue to "dance between worlds", my now adult children (Nicole, Jeremy and Pat) for being such wonderful, loving children, all my wonderful spiritguides who insisted I develop this site and then wouldn't let me save a single word unless I got it right and all the others how have cross my path on this journey.